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It's getting to that crazy 8 week period where my work life just goes insane (financial year end, ugh) so I managed to fit in a cheeky wee long weekend before things really kick off.

Me and George headed through to Glasgow on Friday where we indulged in a Hard Rock and spent way too long wandering around the comic book stores. I had splurged on a nice hotel (it was a duplex suite and I honestly can't even begin to put in words how tickled having an upstairs and downstairs in a hotel room made me) which was great. George headed off to see The Who at the Hydro while I had a lazy evening in a fancy hotel room!

Saturday was family day. My Mum got us all tickets to see Sister Act the Musical through inEdinburgh for our Christmas so after training it from Glasgow to Edinburgh and checking out the Avengers sets (they were shut down for the weekend unfortunately) I met up with my Mum, sister and my Mum's cousin. The show was so not my taste but I had a fun day anyway.

Yesterday was less fun. George and I went out to the supermarket and I accidentally head butted the top frame of the car door space as I leaned in to reach something, leaving me with a massive lump and a headache for the rest of the day. Le sigh.

One more day off to go. The sun is shining so let's hope that keeps up. And let's hope that it's better than yesterday!
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