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Transformative Works Policy (this is taken pretty much verbatim from [personal profile] akamine_chan who says everything I want to say way better than I could manage)

The short version: Do as you will; I trust in your art and your inspiration. So, yes please.

The longer version...

To me, art is all about inspiring other to create. And if something I've created inspires you to create something, then I'm clearly doing this right.

Transformative art should always open to the possibility of further transformation. You don't need my permission to take any transformative work I've done and transform it even further. This includes but is not limited to: podfic, remixes, sequels, crafts, arts and commentaries, but excludes translations. This is blanket permission. I would love it if you dropped me a link so I can properly squee about your fanwork.

For translations, I ask that you post your translation to a site that allows you list the original author. (, for example).

I'd prefer if your work was also posted on AO3 so that it's easy to attribute and link back, but that's not mandatory.

I love collaboration and am extremely open to it, in whatever format: podfic, cowriting, arts, etc. You want to work together on something, contact me.

Additionally, for podficcers:

If you ever need to change words/omit dialogue tags/add dialogue tags/bend, fold, spindle or punch holes in one of my fics for better podficcing purposes, please do so at will! If you would like me to make alterations specifically for you, please feel free to ask -- I may not want to dive into an old fic, but it's worth a shot.

This is tricky work that deserves recognition, so I would really dig it if you mentioned it in notes, wherever you would normally have notes: "this fic is by [author] with (additions/alterations/ease-of-podfic transformations/contributions/however you want to describe it) by [your name]", or "adapted for podfic by [you] from a work by [author
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