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::bangs head against a brick wall repeatedly::

Yep. Writers block has come out to play again. Fun.

There are lots of different types of writers block and I know each and every one of them intimately but the type I'm suffering through just now is the absolute worst.

I'm not lacking for ideas. I have two WIPs that are fully planned out, a hurt comfort bingo prompt fill that is fully realised in my head and just waiting to be written down and know what I want to write as the next part of my OTP prompt series.

I have the time to write. The year end process at my work is finally over and I have more energy at the end of the day. I'm not in the middle of a new obsession and I have no new fic to read.

I actually *want* to write. I want to get these stories out, I'm motivated to get these stories out and I'm excited to get these stories out.

Unfortunately I seem to have lost the ability to actually string words together. Yesterday I spent two hours sitting in front of my computer and have zero words to show for it. Everything that came out was garbage, it didn't flow, I had to fight for every word and I ended up deleting everything. I've spent another two hours trying to write today and have been through at least twelve false starts on a stupid hc fic that probably won't even crack 1000 words.

I'm getting so frustrated and I know that I shouldn't try to force it, I know that I should just accept that now is not the time and be confident that the words will come back later but, goddamnit, I want to write and I'm just making myself crazy over this.

Someone needs to remind me why I decided to make writing my hobby! (Mascochistic tendencies, the only explanation!)


I need to be cheered up.

Where's David Hewlett when you need him? ;)
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