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respoftw ([personal profile] respoftw) wrote2017-06-16 06:10 am

Bingo card received

stranded / survival scenario self-harm undeserved reputation deals with demons nausea
pandemics and epidemics CPR/Rescue Breathing Fire archaic medical treatment unrequited pining
crucifixion accidents WILD CARD forgiveness exhaustion
possession / mind control broken bones forced marriage sensory deprivation loss of vision
captivity ostracised from society poisoning bruises sacrifice

Excited to start! Bring on the Rodney McKay h/c!
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Woo hoo! I can't wait! ::grins::
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Ooh, look at you! Starting out strong!

Guess what one of my h/c prompts is? Culture Shock! Bwa ha ha! Looks like you might get your wish after all.
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I can't wait to read it! Woo!